President Trump Lands In Puerto Rico, Mayor Eats Crow

As Congresswoman, Jenniffer Aydin González Colón  lays down truth bomb after truth  bomb about the Trump Administration’s response to Maria it becomes increasingly clear that Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Cruz has a HUGE crow sandwich to chow down on. The powerful Congresswoman Colon pulls more weight since she represents 3.5 million people in Puerto Rico. And knows exactly what is going on in the Island. Where the Mayor of San Juan Cruz represents a mere 395,000. Once again, the loud squeaky far left voice yips and the voice of reason and calm steps in to lay down the facts. Thank you Congresswoman Colon – we tip our hat to you. Here are Colon’s powerful words as she addresses the President of The United States of America. Brava!

“…BEFORE the hurricane it was FEMA acting together with more than 4,000 HHS, Army, FEMA people – before during and after …the boots on the ground during Maria – I think we never got the level of communication within the Federal Government and Local Government like never before and we are in the path of the Hurricane so we are used to Hurricanes but never a Category 5. The amount of the devastation is unheard of (her voice cracks with genuine emotion) but during all this time we have had the Fed Government here by our sides –  doing the job for the people and doing all that is asked – all the questions from the Governor and the President and his Cabinet accomplish itAnd send more people and are continuing to send more people – truck drivers and resourcesTHANK YOU MR PRESIDENT FOR ALL YOU HAVE BEEN DOING FOR THE ISLAND.”

Please begin at the 5:20 minute mark to hear her remarks in full:

(Feature Photo by Google Search and Dagger News)

Is it time for the far hard left to let it go and admit that Puerto Rico is being handled much better than Katrina was ?


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